Swanson D (2020) Organizer. Education, Inequality and Critical Global Citizenship: Local Realities - Global Contexts Seminar, University of Stirling, 13.01.2020-14.01.2020.

Critical Global Citizenship Education can and must speak to all circumstances, privileged and disadvantaged, wherever they are in the world. This is the basis for its inclusion under a specific target, 4.7, within the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It is also widely recognised that this kind of education can play an important part in the delivery of all the Goals by enhancing public awareness, understanding and engagement around the challenges the SDGs seek to address and what action is needed. This seminar will bring together participants from Denmark, England, Finland, Germany, Ireland and Scotland, to explore the role of Critical Global Citizenship Education within marginalised and disadvantaged communities in the Global North. Our aim is to create a participatory space in which all feel able to contribute. There will be some individual stimulus inputs, but we would like to invite you to consider in advance how the seminar questions indicated in the programme relate to your own work. Please identify four key contributions/questions/ideas/challenges that arise for you in relation to each question.

This seminar was a collaboration between the University of Stirling, Bridge 47, EADI (Bonn), and Oxfam, Scotland.

FundersOxfam GB
ConferenceEducation, Inequality and Critical Global Citizenship: Local Realities - Global Contexts Seminar
Conference locationUniversity of Stirling