Towns, High Streets and Resilience in Scotland: a question for policy?


Sparks L (2021) Towns, High Streets and Resilience in Scotland: a question for policy?. Sustainability, 13 (10), Art. No.: 5631.

The ‘death of the high street’ has become a common refrain, particularly in the United Kingdom, often accompanied by calls for action and demands for improved resilience in town centres and high streets. This paper considers the policy context for towns and town centres in Scotland and the recent review of the country’s approach to towns, town centres and places. With the adoption of National Outcomes linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the declaration of a Climate Emergency, the conclusion is drawn that a more fundamental and radical shift in policy is needed, if resilience of town centres is to have any meaning, and that a clearer and more widely understood conceptualization of resilience needs to be developed.

retailing; resilience; sustainability; high streets; towns; town centres; public policy; Scotland, United Kingdom

Sustainability: Volume 13, Issue 10

Publication date31/05/2021
Publication date online18/05/2021
Date accepted by journal13/05/2021