Signed graphs with three eigenvalues: Biregularity and beyond



Rowlinson P & Stanić Z (2021) Signed graphs with three eigenvalues: Biregularity and beyond. Linear Algebra and its Applications, 621, pp. 272-295.

First we investigate net-biregular signed graphs with spectrum of the form [ρ, μm, λl] where λ is non-main; such graphs are necessarily biregular with exactly two main eigenvalues. We provide two constructions of signed graphs with three eigenvalues, where the graphs that arise include net-biregular and net-regular signed graphs having spectrum [ρ, μ, λl], with λ non-main. Secondly we determine all the connected signed graphs with spectrum [ρ, μ2, λl] (l ≥ 2) where λ is non-main: these include a new infinite family of signed graphs which are neither net-regular nor net-biregular. Thus, in contrast to the situation for graphs, a signed graph with two main eigenvalues and one non-main eigenvalue is not necessarily net-biregular.

Adjacency matrix; Biregular graph; Block design; Graph spectrum; Net-biregular signed graph; Star complement

Linear Algebra and its Applications: Volume 621

FundersRepublic of Serbia Ministry of Education Science and Technological Development
Publication date15/07/2021
Publication date online16/03/2021
Date accepted by journal09/03/2021
PublisherElsevier BV

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Professor Peter Rowlinson

Professor Peter Rowlinson

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