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Doing Feminist Data Studies: Down Syndrome, Twitter and Stereotypes


Bernardi C (2021) Doing Feminist Data Studies: Down Syndrome, Twitter and Stereotypes. In: Gendercom Editors (ed.) Trans-versal. Sexual and gender dissidents in communication. Madrid: Fragua.

This paper applies gender reflections on benevolent sexism and revisits it to interpret and analyse the Twitter hashtag network #DownSyndrome. Topic modelling and sentiment analysis are used to map the hashtag and understand the emerging issues of polarised benevolent otherness that characterises discussions about Down Syndrome on this specific social media platform. Building upon research on data feminism the paper advances the formulation of feminist data studies, as a methodological framework to bridge an important gap between feminist theory, disability studies, and computational methods in the context of social media research and user generated content (UGC).

Output Status: Forthcoming

StatusIn Press
Publication date online30/06/2021
Place of publicationMadrid