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Ecology of Dual Careers Work Package 3 Report



Morris R, Cartigny E, Allen C, Wylleman P, De Brandt K, Taelman K, Henriksen K, Wonsyld M, Storm L, Ryba T, Saarinen M, Nikander A, Cecic Erpic S, Doupona Topic M & Torregrossa M (2020) Ecology of Dual Careers Work Package 3 Report. Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency: ERASMUS+ Programme. Liverpool.

This report provides a summary of work package 3 which covers aim 3 of the Ecology of Dual Career ERASMUS+ project - To develop and test a DCDE monitoring tool (DCDEM) aimed at assisting stakeholders when checking the current status of their DCDE in relation to their structure, dual career arrangements, organizational culture, and the role of dual career service providers and helping them develop strategies to optimize their environments. The DCDEM was developed from the 10 shared success factors of DCDEs, that were identified through a cross cases analysis of environments in WP2. Questionnaire items were developed by the project team. Data was then collected in participating countries, from DC service providers and DC athletes. This data were then analysed to validate the questionnaire. The final version of the questionnaire along with recommendations for how to use it are included in this report.

Additional co-authors: Yago Ramis, Natalia Stambulova, Lukas Linner, Kent Lindahl

FundersEuropean Commission (Horizon 2020)
Publication date16/07/2020
Publisher URL…report.pdf?la=en
Place of publicationLiverpool

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Dr Robert Morris

Dr Robert Morris

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