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School Starting Age (SSA): A Brief Summary



Bradfield K & Priestley M (2021) School Starting Age (SSA): A Brief Summary. Online.

The age at which children begin school, known as school starting age (SSA),has been the topic of considerable debate in contemporary times. The age of compulsory entry to schooling in many countries has persisted, unchallenged and unchanged since their establishment in early 20th century (Herbst & Strawiński, 2016). However, in research literature and the media, the question of whether children should have a later ingress to schooling has recently increased in volume. Indeed, media attention has focused on negative effects on children of beginning school at an age seen as too young (Weil, 2007), while demands for improved performance and accountability of schools has led to an increased level of research interest.Although the complexity of the question is acknowledged, with recognition of the multiple influences on outcomes, most findings suggest considerable benefits to delayed school entry.

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