Mental health in performance sport: an interdisciplinary approach



McEwan H, Kirkland A & Gorczynski P (2020) Mental health in performance sport: an interdisciplinary approach. The Sport and Exercise Scientist, (65), pp. 11-12.

First paragraph: The mental health of athletes, coaches and referees has recently been the topic of much interest (Reardon et al., 2019). Research has consistently shown that a multidisciplinary approach, one rooted in an ecological understanding of the influences of mental health, be they biological or environmental, is needed within sport (Gorczynski et al., in press). Within the field of sports science, a well-choreographed dance must occur, where performance and well-being are carefully understood and balanced. This dance, too, is observed by the many support staff who aim to help their respective teams compete. But how prepared are sports scientists to support the mental health needs of athletes? The purpose of our study was to explore the perspectives and experiences of individuals who work in an athlete support role.

The Sport and Exercise Scientist, Issue 65

Publication date online01/10/2020
Date accepted by journal01/09/2020

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Dr Andrew Kirkland

Dr Andrew Kirkland

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