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War and its cultural impact on Gypsy/Travellers in Scotland



Ramsay R (2018) War and its cultural impact on Gypsy/Travellers in Scotland. War Through Other Stuff, Twitter, 28.09.2018-28.09.2018.

For Gypsy/Travellers the world wars marked a period of intense cultural change. Many were unable to travel freely due to restrictions on outside fires, while a scarcity of tin impacted on the occupation of some. Some local authorities took the opportunity to force Gypsy/Travellers to settle. Forced settlement was linked to the war in a least two ways. Firstly, Separation Allowance was paid on condition of a fixed abode, forcing wives of Gypsy/Traveller soldiers to settle; and secondly, a post-war housing experiment, aimed at assimilating Gypsy/Travellers, was constructed from Nissan huts which had previously housed prisoners of war.

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Mrs Rhona Ramsay

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