Highly deformed band structures due to core excitations in 123Xe


Basu A, Singh AK, Ragnarsson I, Carlsson BG, Kardan A, Hagemann GB, Sletten G, Herskind B, Hübel H, Chmel S, Wilson AN, Rogers J, Janssens RVF, Carpenter MP & Khoo TL (2021) Highly deformed band structures due to core excitations in 123Xe. Physical Review C, 103 (1), Art. No.: 014301.

High-spin states in 123 Xe were populated in the 80 Se(48 Ca, 5n) 123 Xe reaction at a beam energy of 207 MeV. Gamma-ray coincidence events were recorded with the Gammasphere spectrometer. Four new high-spin bands have been discovered in this nucleus.The bands are compared with those calculated within the framework of cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky and cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky-Bogoliubov models. It is concluded that the configurations of the bands involve two-proton excita-tions across the Z = 50 as well as excitation of neutrons across the N = 82 shell gaps resulting in a large deformation, ε2 ∼ 0.30 and γ ∼ 5 • .

numbers: Keywords: Nuclear reaction: 80 Se( 48 Ca,5n) 123 Xe; E= 207 MeV; Measured γγ-coincidences; Eγ; Iγ; R θ ratios; 123 Xe deduced levels; spin and parity; cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky and cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky- Bogoliubov models calculation * Present address : Fraunhofer INT,

Additional co-authors: F. G. Kondev, T. Lauritsen, S. Zhu, A. Korichi, P. Fallon, B. M. Nyakó, and J. Timár

Physical Review C: Volume 103, Issue 1

Publication date31/01/2021
Publication date online04/01/2021
Date accepted by journal05/12/2020