Lecturer Identities and Perceptions of CPD for Supporting Learning and Teaching in FE and HE in the UK



Buckley C & Husband G (2020) Lecturer Identities and Perceptions of CPD for Supporting Learning and Teaching in FE and HE in the UK. International Journal of Management and Applied Research, 7 (4), pp. 432-453.

This paper draws together the findings of two separate studies that were focused on the professional learning of lecturers working in the post compulsory education sector. The studies were conducted independently in separate locations and institutions in the United Kingdom and focused in different sectors of post compulsory education (further and higher). Each study aimed to discover the ongoing professional learning needs of lecturers some years after initial training had been completed. Through conducting semi structured interviews, each researcher gained a situational understanding from the perspective of the respondent lecturers through a lens of their experience and agency. This paper acts an extending study as the researchers bring together their independent results and findings in a further analysis. Focusing on understanding the similarities and differences in experiences, the paper reports several additional findings based on this cross analysis. Further to the pedagogical developments and support for undertaking teaching practice, this research reports that in both communities of further and higher education lecturers, their initial teaching qualifications and related experiences had a more profound and longitudinal impact on their professional identity and practices than they had previously considered. Organisationally, these finding prove to be interesting as it demonstrates that initial training and induction support networks and courses of study, have a longer lasting impact on individuals and consequently, the cultural and social aspects of associated organisations. By looking at the both combined studies, it was possible to broaden the sample size and ascertain whether observed phenomenon were present in a cross sectoral capacity.

Professional Education; Initial Teacher Education; Teaching and Learning; Higher Education; Lecturer Identity

International Journal of Management and Applied Research: Volume 7, Issue 4

Publication date30/11/2020
Publication date online02/11/2020
Date accepted by journal25/10/2020
PublisherNew Millennium Discoveries

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Dr Gary Husband

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