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United Kingdom: Environmental design education in a changing world



Dawson A & Palmer L (2020) United Kingdom: Environmental design education in a changing world. In: Fleming R, Zeisel J & Bennett K (eds.) World Alzheimer Report 2020. Design, Dignity, Dementia: Dementia-related design and the built environment, Volume I. World Alzheimer Report. London: Alzheimer’s Disease International, pp. 208-215.

First paragraph: We argue that developments in other spheres of life have left environmental design less than fully fit for purpose. Dementia is a global issue. Evidence-based environmental design should be part of the solution in every country and in all cultures. However, research evidence reflects and reproduces the contexts in which it was created, and environmental design education has too frequently been insufficiently critical of both the quality of the evidence base and its generalisability to other contexts. We provide examples drawn from our experience of the challenges to its delivery in different parts of the world before calling for a new, more nuanced approach to environmental design education which we call ‘Designing for context’.


Title of seriesWorld Alzheimer Report
Publication date30/09/2020
Publication date online30/09/2020
PublisherAlzheimer’s Disease International
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Place of publicationLondon

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Dr Alison Dawson

Dr Alison Dawson

Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor Lesley Palmer

Professor Lesley Palmer

Professor of Ageing and Dementia Design, Faculty of Social Sciences