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Citizen Audits: Developing a participatory place-based approach to dementia-enabling neighbourhoods



Quirke M, Ward R, Harrison K & Cox A (2020) Citizen Audits: Developing a participatory place-based approach to dementia-enabling neighbourhoods. In: Bennett K, Fleming R & Zeisel J (eds.) World Alzheimer Report 2020: D​esign, Dignity, Dementia: Dementia-related design and the built environment Volume 1. London: Alzheimers Disease International, pp. 133-139.

This chapter reports on a case study from a participatory project based in Stirling (Scotland) which aimed to create dementia-enabling public spaces. Practical strategies used within this citizen-led project aimed to overcome limitations in traditional methods by focusing on the experiential dimensions of place. The central strategy involved weekly citizen-led observational walks through the city. The participatory approach illuminated the embodied and sensory experience by the person with dementia of the built environment. Engaging local citizens living with dementia also provided opportunities to draw upon their knowledge of the sites being evaluated. Through this the project team and local council learned about the significance of sharing place-based memories and stories as a way of connecting for people with dementia. These experiences provide insights into the fact that socially supportive environments and problem-solving approaches can help to compensate for less supportive physical environments. Overall, the authors in this chapter argue that, from a rights based perspective, inclusive design goes beyond giving opportunities to people with dementia. Rather it encourages proactive behaviour and empowers people to take decisions concerning their own life, to take control over their environment and to live freely, independently and with dignity. Authors: Martin Quirke, Richard Ward, Kevin Harrison, Alastair Cox, Vibeke and Margaret

Dementia; Environment; Co-Creation; Urban Design

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Publication date31/12/2020
Publication date online21/09/2020
PublisherAlzheimers Disease International
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Dr Richard Ward

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