Athlete-Centred Coaching - Simple, isn't it?


Allen J (2019) Athlete-Centred Coaching - Simple, isn't it?. Cluster for Research into Coaching - 5th International Conference, Worcester, England, 04.09.2019-05.09.2019.

That coaching practice should be athlete-centred and coaches should place the athlete at the centre of the process has become a common message to practitioners (often from researchers). It is simple, put the athletes first and consider their needs as paramount. For some, this view reinforces beliefs about ‘how coaching should be’. For others, it challenges ‘how things have always been done’ and their experiences of coaching ‘that worked for them and their athletes’. Is this notion of athlete-centred coaching mere rhetoric with good intentions or grounded in an evidence base that reflects the realities of what coaches do and why? This keynote address considers whether the notion of athlete-centred coaching is as simple as it appears.

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ConferenceCluster for Research into Coaching - 5th International Conference
Conference locationWorcester, England

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