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The Interconnected Object: Are You at Home in a Network?



Ntampiza K & Zioga P (2014) The Interconnected Object: Are You at Home in a Network?. In: Vukmirović M, Đukić A, Krstić-Furundžić A & Vaništa Lazarević E (eds.) Proceedings of 1st International Academic Conference Places and Technologies 2014. 1st International Academic Conference Places and Technologies 2014, Belgrade, Serbia, 03.04.2014-04.04.2014. University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, pp. 936-943.

Interconnected devices and objects pervade our everyday lives with an increasing trend. These digital objects, connected through wireless and cable networks, exchange information in various levels, producing diverse types of interactions between them and their users. The paper explores the aspect of interconnectivity as a key-attribute of the contemporary digital artefacts that populate our everyday environments. It explores the notion of home, place and network by focusing on the effects of digital interconnectivity in the way we perceive private and public space. In this context, “HOME network”, a collaborative project, is presented. The project is a portable, netless (without an Internet connection) Wi-Fi network, a free access unlocked digital platform, transmitting within the urban environment of various cities during a series of specific time periods and events. The artists carry the network through space and time, as an unrevealed, private, performative act within the realm of the public urban space, leaving only temporary transmitted digital traces/data within the vicinity of the transmission range, thus producing interactions and exploring the boundaries between the private and the public, the physical and the digital space and challenging the notion of surveillance in urban environments. New action patterns are introduced, which look into new ways of performing the physicality of the body within a digital nomadism. At the same time the artists address themes and invite the visitors of the network to engage, participate in and reflect on commonly shared experiences and contemporary questions regarding our sense of belonging in both the private and the public sphere.

Interconnection, Home, Netless, Wi-Fi, Network

FundersGlasgow School of Art
Publication date03/04/2014
Publication date online03/04/2014
PublisherUniversity of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture
Publisher URL…dings_PT2014.pdf
Conference1st International Academic Conference Places and Technologies 2014
Conference locationBelgrade, Serbia

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