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Obesity and Covid-19: Tackling two global pandemics


Crockett R (2020) Obesity and Covid-19: Tackling two global pandemics. University of Stirling Policy Blog [Blog post] 11.08.2020.

First paragraph: Covid-19 is changing the way we think about the world. We are used to being able to go shopping, without a second thought, book a trip on the spur of the moment or meet up casually with friends for a meal. In the UK we live in a society in which, notwithstanding financial resources, we expect to be able to take a high degree of control over our lives. We believe that we have freedom of choice and that failures to make choices which support our health and well-being are the result of our individual failures in self-regulation. Covid-19 has challenged this belief.

Type of mediaBlog post
Publication date11/08/2020
Publication date online11/08/2020
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