A Subsumption Agent for Collaborative Free Improvisation


Linson A, Dobbyn C, Lewis GE & Laney R (2015) A Subsumption Agent for Collaborative Free Improvisation. Computer Music Journal, 39 (4), pp. 96-115.

This article discusses the design and evaluation of an artificial agent for collaborative musical free improvisation. The agent provides a means to investigate the underpinnings of improvisational interaction. In connection with this general goal, the system is also used here to explore the implementation of a collaborative musical agent using a specific robotics architecture called Subsumption. The architecture of the system is explained, and its evaluation in an empirical study with expert improvisors is discussed. A follow-up study using a second iteration of the system is also presented. The system design and connected studies bring together Subsumption robotics, ecological psychology, and musical improvisation, and they contribute to an empirical grounding of an ecological theory of improvisation.

Computer Music Journal: Volume 39, Issue 4

FundersThe Open University
Publication date31/12/2015
Publication date online31/01/2015
PublisherMIT Press - Journals