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Introducing Social Work


Dominelli L (2009) Introducing Social Work. Short Introduction Series. Cambridge, UK: Polity Books.

In this lively introduction suitable for students at any level, Lena Dominelli explores the extraordinary scope and importance of social work. Using engaging examples from contemporary social work practice, she clearly answers questions about what social work is, how social workers work in a variety of settings and the clients they are likely to deal with. She tackles head on the dilemmas social workers face in their day-to-day work and the challenges of working with limited resources and marginalized social groups such as the elderly, the homeless and abused children. This work will affirm the valuable contribution social workers can make to human wellbeing and demonstrate how the promise and potential of social work can be, and is, realized.

Title of seriesShort Introduction Series
Publication date31/03/2009
PublisherPolity Books
Publisher URL
Place of publicationCambridge, UK