Research Report

Spoken language interpreters in social work


Lucas SE (2020) Spoken language interpreters in social work. IRISS. Insights: A Series of Evidence Summaries, 52. Glasgow.

- Social workers regularly work with individuals, families and groups where there is no shared language - Professional interpreting services can help to overcome language barriers and enable people to access and engage with services - People who require interpreters may be discriminated against and can face barriers when accessing services - Serious Case Inquiries – that investigate into the deaths and injuries of children – have highlighted the importance of spoken language interpreters in social work - Ad hoc arrangements in interpreting exist and the availability of skilled interpreters is an issue

Title of seriesInsights: A Series of Evidence Summaries
Number in series52
Publication date30/04/2020
Publisher URL…/insights-52.pdf
Place of publicationGlasgow