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Violences, stratégies adaptatives et résiliences: le cas du Rwanda



Grayson H (2020) Violences, stratégies adaptatives et résiliences: le cas du Rwanda. In: Mazurek H (ed.) Pratiques Basées sur la Résilience. AMU, IRD, LPED. 4ème Congrès Mondial sur la Résilience, Marseille, France, 28.06.2018-30.06.2018. Marseille, France: Aix Marseille Université, pp. 141-147.

The genocide against the Tutsi destroyed the social fabric of Rwanda, and its traumatic and violent consequences have received much attention amongst researchers. Yet less attention has been paid to stories of positive change. Alongside reconciliation at a national level, individual stories of resilience have emerged. This contribution aims to move beyond the dominant narratives of the genocide by examining the themes of resilience and post-traumatic growth in the contemporary testimonies of Rwandans.

genocide; testimony; post-traumatic growth; resilience

FundersArts and Humanities Research Council
Publication date31/12/2020
Publication date online10/02/2020
PublisherAix Marseille Université
Publisher URL
Place of publicationMarseille, France
Conference4ème Congrès Mondial sur la Résilience
Conference locationMarseille, France

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Dr Hannah Grayson

Dr Hannah Grayson

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