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Cognitive Therapy Approaches



Eubank M, Morris R & Cunliffe M (2020) Cognitive Therapy Approaches. In: Tod D & Eubank M (eds.) Applied Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology: Current Approaches to Helping Clients. London: Routledge, pp. 53-69.

Cognitive Therapy based approaches to applied sport psychology service delivery have received significant attention in the research and practice literature. Drawing on both cognitive and behavioural psychology and associated techniques, Cognitive Behavioural (CB) approaches to sport psychology have dominated the discipline over its relatively short history. Evidence suggests, however, that over-reliance on psychological skills training interventions has seen the CB approach used in a narrow and restrictive way in the field. In this chapter, we take the opportunity to present the fundamental theoretical assumptions of cognitive therapy, the associated techniques that are available to use in practice, and a case study illustrating the translation of cognitive therapy-informed practice to help an athlete (gymnast) overcome a performance slump. We ask practitioners to consider how the cognitive therapy approach presented may inform and evolve their delivery in the context of modern-day sport psychology, and challenge practitioners interested in using the approach to consider how they can develop effective use of cognitive therapy beyond traditional psychological skills training.

Publication date31/12/2020
Publication date online30/04/2020
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Dr Robert Morris

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