Revisiting Photovoice: Perceptions of Dementia among Researchers with Intellectual Disability



Watchman K, Mattheys K, Doyle A, Boustead L & Rincones O (2020) Revisiting Photovoice: Perceptions of Dementia among Researchers with Intellectual Disability. Qualitative Health Research, 30 (7), pp. 1019-1032.

There is limited evidence internationally exploring perceptions of dementia among people with intellectual disabilities. This article presents findings from the first known study where an inclusive research team, including members with intellectual disability, used photovoice methodology to visually represent views of people with intellectual disabilities and dementia. Drawing on Freire’s empowerment pedagogy, study aims were consistent with global photovoice aims: enabling people to visually record critical dialogue about dementia through photography and social change. We investigated the benefits and challenges of photovoice methodology with this population and sought to identify perspectives of dementia from people with intellectual disabilities. Findings challenge the notion that a key photovoice aim of reaching policymakers is always achievable, suggesting that revisiting Freire’s original methodological aims may lead to improved outcomes in co-produced research with marginalized groups. Qualitative themes emerged identifying issues such as peers ‘disappearing’ and the importance of maintaining friendship as dementia progressed.

learning disability; disability; disabled persons; dementia; minorities; cultural competence; qualitative; Scotland; photovoice; participatory action research

Qualitative Health Research: Volume 30, Issue 7

FundersAlzheimer's Society
Publication date30/06/2020
Publication date online13/02/2020
Date accepted by journal30/12/2019

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