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New Governance Challenges in the Era of ‘Smart’ Mobility



Docherty I (2018) New Governance Challenges in the Era of ‘Smart’ Mobility. In: Marsden G & Reardon L (eds.) Governance of the Smart Mobility Transition. Emerald Insights. Bingley: Emerald, pp. 19-32.

This chapter seeks to bring more clarity and urgency to the debate about the impacts of ‘smart’ mobility by highlighting the critical role of the state in managing the transition to a ‘smart’ transport future. This debate is currently dominated by producer-led imaginings of how technological innovation will solve apparent mobility problems, but has yet to address substantively more complex questions about how the impacts of these innovations will disrupt the mobility status quo, and how changing patterns of mobility in a ‘smart’ future will redefine the places in which we live. The chapter explores what impacts such innovations might have on the economic, environmental and social outcomes associated with the mobility system, and some key issues that systems of governance will have to address as ‘smart’ options become an increasingly important part of overall mobility provision.

Smart mobility; transport; governance

FundersUniversity of Glasgow
Title of seriesEmerald Insights
Publication date31/12/2018
Publication date online13/03/2018
Place of publicationBingley

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Professor Iain Docherty

Professor Iain Docherty

Dean of Institute for Advanced Studies