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Large Marine Ecosystems Governance Toolkit



Wawrzynski W, Wenzel L, Mahon R, Varmer O, Hassan D, Kannen A, Ross SA, Kelley E, Johannesen E, Hudson A, Awad A, Stead S, Trumbic I, Hamid M & Polsenberg J (2018) Large Marine Ecosystems Governance Toolkit. Paris, France: GEF LME:LEARN.

The Large Marine Ecosystems Governance Toolkit provides an introduction into governance concepts relevant for Large Marine Ecosystem (LME) practitioners. The Governance Toolkit aims to offer the GEF LME: LEARN project leads and partners a practical resource on governance approaches and lessons learned from GEF LME: LEARN projects and other initiatives. It aims to promote an integrated, collaborative approach to ocean and coastal management and is part of a larger LME Toolkit series that provides information and tools on other critical issues for LME management. The GEF LME:LEARN Governance Working Group has contributed to the development of this toolkit through physical meetings and by correspondence throughout 2017.

For bibliographic purposes, this publication may be cited as: GEF LME:LEARN. 2018. Large Marine Ecosystems Governance Toolkit. Paris, France. Additional contributing members: Rudi Hermes; Lidvard Grønnevet; Alexia Cooke; David Gill; Lucy Scott; Patrick McConney; Sanya Compton; Jaimie Neary

Publication date31/12/2018
Place of publicationParis, France