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Twin Tracks: Cultural and Political Nationalism after 1967



Hames S (2020) Twin Tracks: Cultural and Political Nationalism after 1967. In: Keating M & McAngus C (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Scottish Politics. Oxford Handbooks. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Though easily conflated, the cultural and political nationalism of modern Scotland are not the same. This chapter surveys parallel developments in cultural production and constitutional change from 1967 to 2018, and the role of the Scottish intelligentsia in re-instituting national political space. Drawing on the key journals and magazines of the pro-devolution left, we explore the role of Scottish cultural ‘voice' in affirming, mobilising and institutionalising the national-political frame. Scottish devolution had an important but highly mediated cultural dimension, with claims to national representation deeply entangled in electoral triangulation, and the emergence of ‘neo-popular’ Scottish identity cementing the image of anti-Thatcherite cultural consensus. But the idea of Holyrood arriving on a wave of artistic renaissance and rising national ‘confidence’ is too simplistic, and obscures important disparities between the ‘twin tracks’ of cultural and political nationalism.

scottish politics; scottish literature; devolution

Title of seriesOxford Handbooks
Publication date20/08/2020
Publication date online14/05/2020
PublisherOxford University Press
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