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Kate Moss won’t crack China for Topshop without local help


Siebers LQ (2013) Kate Moss won’t crack China for Topshop without local help. The Conversation. 15.10.2013.

First paragraph: Topshop continues its march towards global dominance. Sir Philip Green, the firm’s owner, is now in “advanced discussions” on opening their first stores in China, with Kate Moss set to lead the brand’s marketing. The choice between Chinese and Western models to front Topshop’s campaign is intriguing. Though traditionally foreign fashion firms have succeeded in China through maintaining their Western identity, changes in the local culture and economy, plus the fact that Topshop will be aiming for the mass market rather than the high end, means some local adaptation will be required.

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Publication date15/10/2013
Publication date online15/10/2013
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