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Opportunities And Challenges Of International Retailing In China


Siebers LQ (2018) Opportunities And Challenges Of International Retailing In China. The World Financial Review. 03.10.2018, pp. 31-34.

The performance of foreign retailers in China has shown a reversed U shape since their market entry in the 1990s. By the destruction of digitalisation, large retail giants continue to reduce both the number and the size of their stores, protecting bigger loss but worsening their sales too. They launched omnichannel retail after China’s online sales had started to soar in 2010 and introduced the experience-based retail ecosystem mostly in collaboration with local companies. However, their long-term performance will largely rely on the local consumption demands and institutional environment.

Global Economy; Business & Innovation; China; Emerging Trends; Strategies for the Changing World; Top Investment Destinations


Publication date03/10/2018
Publication date online03/10/2018

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