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Carrefour's History In And Exit From China


Siebers LQ (2019) Carrefour's History In And Exit From China. World Financial Review. 05.08.2019, pp. 98-100.

Carrefour is a French retailer with a successful history of being China’s largest and fastest growing foreign retail stores in 1995. However, with the country’s digitalisation in 2010, Carrefour has failed to adapt with the changing consumer and market behaviour which led to its exit in one of the world’s largest e-commerce markets. In this article, the author has cited Carrefour’s successes and failures – from its management strategies to business expansion plans which can become a competitive imperative of learning for multinational companies and industries who need to upskill their approach towards the digital era before it becomes too late for them.

Global Economy; China


Publication date31/08/2019
Publication date online31/08/2019

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