Sustainable integration into the labour market - from 'work first' to 'career first'



McQuaid R (2019) Sustainable integration into the labour market - from 'work first' to 'career first'. ,Precarious and (yet) Healthy Work?, Fulda, Germany, 17.09.2019-17.09.2019.

In Scotland, as in the UK more generally and many other EU countries, governmental approaches to employment activation policy for unemployed people have been driven by principles of developing employability and individual skills with a focus on “Work First” approaches. Assisting unemployed people move into work is seen as the main way out of poverty and their integration back into the labour market. However, while this may be the case where the job is relatively well paid or is a “stepping stone” to better employment, it can alternatively lead to a low-pay no-pay cycle with people moving in and out of poorly paid, precarious jobs and further unemployment. This suggests the need for sustainable work in order to move people out of unemployment and helping to realise their productive potential and ability to fully integrate into society and the labour market. A Careers First approach is outlined briefly.

Career First; Work first; Active Labour Market Policy

Keynote: McQuaid, R. ‘Sustainable integration into the labour market - from "work first" to "career first". Experiences from Scotland” keynote speaker, Precarious and (yet) Healthy Work? Conference State of Hesse Germany, Fulda, 17 September 2019

Place of publicationFulda, Germany
Conference,Precarious and (yet) Healthy Work?
Conference locationFulda, Germany

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Professor Ronald McQuaid
Professor Ronald McQuaid

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