Book Chapter

Introduction to Translating Wor(l)ds


Dedenbach-Salazar Saenz S (2019) Introduction to Translating Wor(l)ds. In: Dedenbach-Salazar Saenz S (ed.) Translating Wor(l)ds: Christianity Across Cultural Boundaries. Collectanea Instituti Anthropos, Bd 51. Baden-Baden: Academia Verlag, pp. 7-27.

First paragraph: This volume unites articles, which are based on presentations given at two colloquia held at the University of Stirling: “Translating Christianities” and “Translating God”. Whilst the first one aimed at a general discussion of the transmission and interpretation of Christianity across different fields and disciplines, the second focused on the translation of the word God and related terms into different languages, in a number of, mostly colonial, settings.

Title of seriesCollectanea Instituti Anthropos
Number in seriesBd 51
Publication date31/12/2019
PublisherAcademia Verlag
Publisher URL…haltsverzeichnis
Place of publicationBaden-Baden