A place for individuals: positive growth in Rwanda



Grayson H (2017) A place for individuals: positive growth in Rwanda. Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies, 3 (2-4), pp. 107-130.

This article introduces the Rwandan Stories of Change research project, and uses data collected jointly with the Aegis Trust to argue for the value of in-depth studies on individual Rwandans’ positive growth. It seeks to explore the place of individual growth in discussions of post-genocide Rwanda by examining the communitarian culture and policies of present day Rwanda. The article uses discourse analysis of a sample of testimonies to analyse indicators of individual growth alongside an assessment of collective resources (political, cultural and therapeutic) to ensure the broader cultural context of growth is attended to. The article investigates what connections might be found between community reconciliation processes and individual growth, and seeks to question how the two are related. Finally, the article argues that though individual stories are more difficult to locate and articulate, efforts must be made to facilitate their dissemination in order to provide a comprehensive, forward-looking discourse of post-genocide adaptation.

posttraumatic growth; Rwanda; genocide; testimony; individual; community

Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies: Volume 3, Issue 2-4

FundersArts and Humanities Research Council
Publication date31/12/2017
Publication date online26/10/2017
Date accepted by journal07/10/2017

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Dr Hannah Grayson

Dr Hannah Grayson

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