Creating and managing participative brand communities: The roles members perform



Veloutsou C & Black I (2020) Creating and managing participative brand communities: The roles members perform. Journal of Business Research, 117, pp. 873-885.

The success of brand communities as social structures that facilitate the co-creation of brands depends on the nature of their members' participation. Existing research provides limited insights into the roles brand community members perform. In response, this study, using role theory as its theoretical foundations, explores the roles members play. Ethnographic data were collected primarily from a brand community where highly involved working consumers interacted both off and online. The analysis reveals that there are categories of roles performed which are necessary for the development and long term prosperity of the community; it also identifies specific roles within each category and elucidates how these structure and manage the community as an entity. The study contributes to knowledge and practice by elucidating the variety and complexity of roles members need to play in order to secure an active and healthy brand community and develops further evidence to support that brand communities are primarily self-managed entities.

Brand communities; Brand community participation; Brand community roles; Working consumers; Role theory

Journal of Business Research: Volume 117

Publication date30/09/2020
Publication date online11/07/2019
Date accepted by journal19/06/2019