Physical Activity and Nutrition INfluences in Ageing: Current Findings from the PANINI Project



Whittaker AC, Asamane EA, Aunger JA, Bondarev D, Cabbia A, Doody P, Gensous N, Iadarola B, Ramsey K, Rodrigues B, Tahir MR & Yeung S (2019) Physical Activity and Nutrition INfluences in Ageing: Current Findings from the PANINI Project. Advances in Geriatric Medicine and Research, 1, Art. No.: e190005.

Background: The ageing of the population is a global challenge and the period of life spent in good health, although increasing, is not keeping pace with lifespan. Consequently, understanding the important factors that contribute to healthy ageing and validating interventions and influencing policy to promote healthy ageing are vital research priorities. Method: The PANINI project is a collaboration of 20 partners across Europe examining the influence of physical activity and nutrition in ageing. Methods utilised encompass the biological to the social, from genetics to the influence of social context. For example, epigenetic, immunological, and psychological assessments, and nutritional and sports science-based interventions have been used among older adults, as well as mathematical modelling and epidemiology. The projects are multi-disciplinary and examine health outcomes in ageing from a range of perspectives. Results: The results discussed here are those emerging thus far in PANINI from 11 distinct programmes of research within PANINI as well as projects cross-cutting the network. New approaches, and the latest results are discussed. Conclusions: The PANINI project has been addressing the impact of physical activity and nutrition on healthy ageing from diverse but interlinked perspectives. It emphasises the importance of using standardized measures and the advantages of combining data to compare biomarkers and interventions across different settings and typologies of older adults. As the projects conclude, the current results and final data will form part of a shared dataset, which will be made open access for other researchers into ageing processes.

ageing; epigenetics; frailty; genetics; inflammation; nutrition; physical activity; physical function; well-being

On behalf of the PANINI Consortium

Advances in Geriatric Medicine and Research: Volume 1

FundersHorizon 2020
Publication date02/07/2019
Publication date online02/07/2019
Date accepted by journal13/06/2019

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Professor Anna Whittaker

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