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Book Chapter

History of Local Government

Mcleod Little G (1988) History of Local Government. In: The laws of Scotland : Stair memorial encyclopaedia. Vol.14, [Local government, Location: leasing and hire of moveables, Medical and allied professions, Medicines, poisons and drugs, Meetings, Mental health, Messengers-at-arms and sheriff officers, Mines and quarries, Money and means of exchange, Nationality and citizenship, Nuisance].. The Laws of Scotland: Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia., 14. Edinburgh: LexisNexis/Law Society of Scotland, pp. 8-33.

Author(s)Mcleod Little, Gavin
Title of seriesThe Laws of Scotland: Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia.
Number in series14
Publication date01/01/1988
Publication date online01/01/1988
PublisherLexisNexis/Law Society of Scotland
Place of publicationEdinburgh
ISSN of series040623714X
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