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Lesson Study Matters in Ireland



McSweeney K & Gardner J (2018) Lesson Study Matters in Ireland. In: Dislere V (ed.) Rural Environment, Education, Personality (REEP): Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference, volume 11. Rural Environment Education Personality (REEP) Proceedings, 11. Rural Environment. Education. Personality (REEP 2018), Jelgava, Latvia, 11.05.2018-12.05.2018. Jelgava, Latvia: Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies, pp. 304-313.

Lesson Study is an approach to improving classroom teaching that focuses on collaborative professional learning between teachers. This paper reports on Lesson Study developments in Ireland, its use in two schools, one in Northern Ireland and one in the Republic of Ireland, and in particular its use in Home Economics education. The aim of the project was to assess the potential for Lesson Study to improve classroom pedagogy in selected areas of the schools’ provision. The schools identified three challenging aspects for study: improvement of literacy levels, use of Assessment for learning-type pedagogy and use of innovative teaching methods to enhance learning in Home Economics. The teachers considered that the Lesson Study approach contributed to improved pedagogy and student outcomes in their chosen areas. This was accomplished through collaborative professional learning, meaningful dialogue between the teachers about pedagogy and student learning, deeper levels of reflection by the teachers and profound changes in the teachers’ understanding and learning about practice.

Lesson Study; professional learning; life-long learning; adult education

Title of seriesRural Environment Education Personality (REEP) Proceedings
Number in series11
Publication date31/12/2018
PublisherLatvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
Place of publicationJelgava, Latvia
ISSN of series2255-808X
ConferenceRural Environment. Education. Personality (REEP 2018)
Conference locationJelgava, Latvia

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Professor John Gardner

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