Teacher mediation of curriculum making: the role of reflexivity



Hizli Alkan S & Priestley M (2019) Teacher mediation of curriculum making: the role of reflexivity. Journal of Curriculum Studies, 51 (5), pp. 737-754.

This research explores curriculum making by teachers and offers a nuanced way of understanding these practices through the concept of reflexivity. The study draws from a collective case study of teachers in an online focus group, in order to identify and analyse diverse thinking on the curriculum by teachers from Scotland and Wales. A WordPress® page was set up to generate both synchronous and asynchronous discussions over a period of five weeks to discuss curricular issues. Six teachers from Scotland and three teachers from Wales participated in the discussions. Data collection tools comprised iteratively designed interview questions and an Internal Conversation Indicator (ICONI), for indicating participants’ dominant mode of reflexivity. Data were analysed thematically, drawing from Margaret Archer’s theoretical constructs relating to reflexivity and internal conversation. Data analysis suggests that reflexivity provides a useful lens for understanding teachers’ particular approaches to curriculum making. The research suggests that curriculum making practices can be understood, at least partially, in relation to different modes of reflexivity. Further research is needed to substantiate these arguments and provide richer picture of curriculum making.

Education; curriculum making; reflexivity; teacher agency; Scotland; Wales

Journal of Curriculum Studies: Volume 51, Issue 5

FundersUniversity of Stirling match studentship with the Scottish Government
Publication date31/12/2019
Publication date online02/07/2019
Date accepted by journal23/06/2019
PublisherInforma UK Limited

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Professor Mark Priestley

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