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Alltrials v the ABPI: a prescription for bad PR

Browne T (2013) Alltrials v the ABPI: a prescription for bad PR. The Guardian [Blog Post] 04.03.2013.

(First paragraph) A couple of months ago I used this blog to talk about REACT trials. I told people how we should all be part of randomised controlled trials, testing currently available treatments so that doctors could judge the best medicines for the real world, with all its quirks and pesky lack of laboratory conditions. It would mean no hassle to us except a consent form, simply that researchers used our electronic health records to look at the outcomes. I thought about this stuff, as you do, and decided that if the opportunity ever came to take part in a Phase 2 or 3 trial of a new treatment I'd take it. I'm not a martyr, just a normal woman who would like to help, and who possibly has rosier than average Science Goggles.

Type of mediaBlog Post
Author(s)Browne, Tania
Publication date04/03/2013
Publisher URL…scription-bad-pr
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