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Research Report

Scotland's Energy Future

Russell M, Lunn R, Harley S, Harrison G, Little G, McArthur S, Smith P, Turner K, Underhil J & Webb J (2019) Scotland's Energy Future. Royal Society of Edinburgh. RSE Inquiry. Edinburgh.

Objectives and Approach • No energy policy, no matter how well considered, will ever solve all of the problems and paradoxes of energy supply and use. • Those developing policy must ask how best to address the competing issues of the ‘energy quadrilemma’: addressing climate change; ensuring affordability; providing energy security; and developing energy policy which is acceptable to the public, economically sustainable and just. • Decision makers will need to be honest with the public about what is achievable, what choices must be made, and what changes will need to occur.

Author(s)Russell, Muir; Lunn, Rebecca; Harley, Simon; Harrison, Gareth; Little, Gavin; McArthur, Stephen; Smith, Peter; Turner, Karen; Underhil, John; Webb, Janette
Title of seriesRSE Inquiry
Publication date30/06/2019
Publisher URL…rt-for-Web-2.pdf
Place of publicationEdinburgh
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