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Women in Brexit Debate: still largely confined to 'low' politics


Haastrup T, Wright K & Guerrina R (2016) Women in Brexit Debate: still largely confined to 'low' politics. [LSE Brexit Blog] 17.06.2016.

Despite a few more women making an appearance in the TV referendum debates, the campaign continues to be dominated by male ?experts? and a presumption that women will vote on the basis of emotive issues of special interest to them, such as maternity leave policies, write Toni Haastrup, Katharine Wright and Roberta Guerrina. But true gender equality considers the impact of social policy on every part of society. We can and must challenge the perception of ?high? and ?low? politics that marginalises particular discussions and effectively sidelines women.

women; brexit; 'low politics'; emotion

Type of mediaLSE Brexit Blog
Publication date17/06/2016
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