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EU-US Cooperation on Security: The African Case


Haastrup T (2012) EU-US Cooperation on Security: The African Case. In: Laursen F (ed.) The EU, Security and Transatlantic Relations. Euroclio. Peter Lang, pp. 251--271.

This chapter looks at Africa in transatlantic relations. whereas the US has never been consistent in its engagement with Africa, especially on issues of security, the EU has always been around in some form. with increased security engagement on the part of the EU, there is the opportunity for multilateral engagement between political actors in the United States, the EU and the African Union. This arrangement further provides a viable way of sharing the responsibilities of international security, that emphasises equality, partnership and local ownership for Africa

transatlantic cooperation, security, EU-Africa relations

FundersUniversity of Kent
Title of seriesEuroclio
Publication date27/09/2012
PublisherPeter Lang
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