Editorial Note


Haastrup T, Whitman RG, Fioramonti L, Macrae H, Masselot A & Young AR (2018) Editorial Note. Journal of Common Market Studies, 56 (2), pp. 209-211.

First paragraph: When we made the bid to succeed Michelle Cini and Amy Verdun as editors of JCMS, we were determined to continue their hard work in making JCMS the premier journal for the study of regional integration. Our fundamental aim is for JCMS to remain the home of high quality and cutting edge scholarly publications. We want the journal to continue to be the space for new and meaningful debates about regions’ practices and especially Europe's place in the world. Importantly, we want JCMS to resonate with a global voice so that the journal truly reflects the diversity of regional integration studies and is a home for multidisciplinary approaches. Thus, we will continue to welcome work that is theoretically informed, empirically rich and methodologically rigorous.

Journal of Common Market Studies: Volume 56, Issue 2

FundersUniversity of Kent
Publication date31/03/2018
Publication date online14/02/2018
Date accepted by journal14/02/2018