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Where does dementia sit in modern society?



Watchman K (2019) Where does dementia sit in modern society?. In: Jackson G & Tolson D (eds.) Textbook of Dementia Care: An Integrated Approach. London: Routledge, pp. 29-37.

First paragraph: Attitudes towards people with dementia have changed in the 21st century. We now have a greater emphasis on self-advocacy and inclusion, with the mantra "nothing about us without us" being adopted from disability advocates of the 1990s. This chapter considers the changing landscape and the policy shifts that have reframed how we think about dementia, particularly the development and implementation of national dementia plans or strategies. However, not everyone with dementia has been affected by this changing paradigm and instead we continue to witness mar­ginalisation within some minority populations. Much is said about human rights internationally yet we do not always have the human right to be heard or to "have a voice". Organisations such as the Scottish and European Dementia Working Groups and Dementia Alliance International strive and advocate for improved ser­vices for people with dementia. However, there are still minority groups who remain silent.

Publication date11/04/2019
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