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Using art to tackle air pollution: a story from a Nairobi slum



Bowyer C & Price H (2019) Using art to tackle air pollution: a story from a Nairobi slum. The Conversation. 04.03.2019.

First paragraph: Air pollution is recognised as a major threat to human health worldwide. Nine out of ten people breathe polluted air, resulting in 7m premature deaths a year. While air pollution respects no boundaries, and affects almost all of us, it impacts some populations more than others. Deaths attributed to air pollution are ten times more likely in low and middle income countries compared to high income countries. Sources of outdoor air pollution include industry, traffic and agriculture. Sources of indoor air pollution are mostly cooking and heating using solid fuels (including wood and charcoal).

creativity; theatre; air pollution; communities; community art; slums; storytelling; Nairobi; interdisciplinarity;


Publication date04/03/2019
Publication date online04/03/2019
PublisherThe Conversation Trust
Place of publicationLondon

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Dr Heather Price

Dr Heather Price

Senior Lecturer, Biological and Environmental Sciences