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Remote Sensing of Wetland Types: Tropical Flooded Forests



Hess LL, Costa M, Evans TL, Silva TSF, Chapman BD & Milne T (2016) Remote Sensing of Wetland Types: Tropical Flooded Forests. In: Finlayson C, Everard M, Irvine K, McInnes R, Middleton B, van Dam A & Davidson N (eds.) The Wetland Book. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 1-5.

Within tropical regions, many of the wetlands are associated with floodplains with the rivers often flowing through densely forested landscapes, as in the case of the Amazon and Congo Rivers and their tributaries. Characterizing these flood plain environments is important to ensure that the diverse habitats that occur and the forest, game, and fisheries resources that have historically supported local populations are used sustainably. In Brazilian Amazonia, for example, large areas of the flood plain environment (commonly referred to as várzea) have been designated as Sustainable Development Reserves . Within these, there is a need to assess and monitor biodiversity and ensure conservation planning is carried out in cooperation with local communities.

Wetland Type; Diverse Habitat; Inundation Extent; Amazon Floodplain; ALOS PALSAR

Publication date31/12/2016
Publication date online09/09/2016
Place of publicationDordrecht

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