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Working Paper

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Critique of the Latest Industrial Policy Blockbuster

Brown R & Mawson S (2019) Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Critique of the Latest Industrial Policy Blockbuster. Working Papers in Responsible Banking & Finance, 19-001. Centre for Responsible Banking & Finance.

Efforts to develop entrepreneurial ecosystems (EEs) have proliferated in recent years making it the latest industrial policy ‘blockbuster’. This paper critiques the concept and reviews its application within public policy. It reports the findings from a comprehensive comparative analysis of policy approaches deployed under this conceptual umbrella. Empirically, the findings suggests it is fraught with conceptual ambiguity and is predominantly (and rather crudely) used to promote ‘more’ entrepreneurship. Genuine systemic policy instruments to aid the functioning of ecosystems are extremely rare. The paper suggests the concept is a ‘chaotic’ one open to wide-ranging misinterpretation and indeed misuse by policy makers.

Author(s)Brown, Ross; Mawson, Suzanne
FundersScottish Enterprise and Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Title of seriesWorking Papers in Responsible Banking & Finance
Number in series19-001
Publisher URL…rs/RBF19_001.pdf
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