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Support for my video is support for me: A YouTube scoping review of videos including adolescents with chronic pain

Forgeron P, McKenzie E, O'Reilly J, Rudnicki E & Caes L (2019) Support for my video is support for me: A YouTube scoping review of videos including adolescents with chronic pain. Clinical Journal of Pain, 35 (5), pp. 443-450.

Adolescents with chronic pain report feelings of social isolation, of being different, and lack of understanding from peers. These challenges suggest that these adolescents may not obtain the social support they require. Thus, they may have to find other venues through which to find social support. Adolescents are heavy users of social media as a venue to share experience and obtain information and adolescents with chronic pain may be no different. A scoping review of YouTube was conducted by searching videos using the terms 'youth with chronic pain' and 'teens with chronic pain'. Videos in English, targeting at and including an adolescent with chronic pain were included. All identified videos were screened for eligibility until 20 consecutive videos were excluded. For each included video the first 5 related videos suggested by YouTube were screened for eligibility. This selection process resulted in 18 included videos, with a total of 936 comments. Recurring themes in the videos' comments were identified using qualitative content analysis. Videos content mainly covered multidisciplinary treatment options, alternative treatments and impact of pain on daily life. While a variety of treatment options were discussed, details of treatment content were lacking. Comments reflected the overarching message "you are not alone!" and mainly focused on providing and receiving support, sharing suffering, and revealing the impact of pain on relationships and daily life. Despite potential challenges associated with social media, YouTube may be a promising platform for provision of social support for adolescents with chronic pain.

Clinical Journal of Pain: Volume 35, Issue 5

Author(s)Forgeron, Paula; McKenzie, Emily; O'Reilly, Jenna; Rudnicki, Erika; Caes, Line
Publication date01/05/2019
Date accepted by journal25/01/2019

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