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Household Changes and Housing Provision (invitee chapter)



Graham E, Fiori F & McKee K (2017) Household Changes and Housing Provision (invitee chapter). National Records for Scotland. Edinburgh.

This chapter reviews recent changes in household composition and housing provision in Scotland and discusses the complex relationships between the two. Scotland’s population continues to age and the total number of households is increasing. The number of dwellings has not kept pace with demand and more young adults are staying longer in their parental home because they are unable to afford a place of their own. Some commentators argue that the housing problems facing young people could be solved if older people moved to smaller accommodation and released ‘under-occupied’ family housing - but what is the evidence?

FundersThe Leverhulme Trust
Publication date31/12/2017
Publication date online01/03/2017
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Place of publicationEdinburgh

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Dr Kim McKee
Dr Kim McKee

Senior Lecturer, Housing Studies

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