Seychelles, a vulnerable or resilient sids? A local perspective


Philpot D, Gray TS & Stead SM (2015) Seychelles, a vulnerable or resilient sids? A local perspective. Island Studies Journal, 10 (1), pp. 31-48.

This article analyses perceptions of residents of the Seychelles in the western Indian Ocean in relation to a long-running debate over small island developing states (SIDS) as to whether they are vulnerable or resilient. The results of data obtained from 25 key informant interviews and 70 household surveys conducted in 2013 showed that respondents perceived their country to be both vulnerable and resilient. Moreover, the data revealed that the relationship between vulnerability and resilience was complex, and that five interpretations of that relationship were evident: conflict, compromise, complementarity, symbiosis and transformation. Also, the conceptual distance between the two terms vulnerability and resilience was shown to be closer than may be commonly assumed. Finally, the paper questions whether the debate over vulnerability versus resilience is rightly confined to SIDS or could be equally applied to other states.

fisheries management; island; resilience; Seychelles; SIDS; vulnerability

Island Studies Journal: Volume 10, Issue 1

FundersNewcastle University
Publication date01/01/2015
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