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VO₂max: the gold standard for measuring fitness explained



Metcalfe R, McNarry M & Vollaard N (2019) VO₂max: the gold standard for measuring fitness explained. The Conversation. 15.01.2019.

First paragraph: If you could pick one measure to evaluate your health, what would you pick? Blood pressure? Cholesterol? These are commonly measured by your GP, but there is something that is more informative: maximal aerobic capacity, otherwise known as VO₂max. This measure tells you your maximum (max) rate (V) of oxygen (O₂) uptake and use during exercise. The greater this is, the better your health. In fact, VO₂max is the best predictor of your risk, at a given point in time, of getting chronic diseases like heart disease, type 2 diabetes or certain cancers, and the best predictor of your chances of living a long and healthy life. Intuitively, this does not make much sense: most people go through life without ever needing to reach their VO₂max.

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Type of mediaThe Conversation
Publication date15/01/2019
Place of publicationLondon

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Dr Niels Vollaard

Dr Niels Vollaard

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