Wiggle-Matching Using Known-Age Pine from Jermyn Street, London



Tyers C, Sidell J, van der Plicht J, Marshall P, Cook G, Bronk Ramsey C & Bayliss A (2009) Wiggle-Matching Using Known-Age Pine from Jermyn Street, London. Radiocarbon, 51 (2), pp. 385-396.

A slice of pine from the period covered by single-year calibration data (Stuiver 1993) was selected to serve as part of the quality assurance procedures of the English Heritage radiocarbon dating program, following successful wiggle-matching of 14 C measurements from structural 15th century English oak timbers (Hamilton et al. 2007). The timber selected was a roofing element from a house on Jermyn Street, central London, demonstrated by dendrochronology to have been felled in AD 1670. Eighteen single-ring samples were dated by the 14 C laboratories at Groningen, Oxford, and SUERC: each laboratory was sent a random selection of 6 samples. This approach was intended to mimic the mix of samples and relative ages incorporated into Bayesian chronological models during routine project research. This paper presents the results of this study.

Radiocarbon: Volume 51, Issue 2

FundersEnglish Heritage
Publication date31/12/2009
Publication date online18/07/2016
Date accepted by journal19/02/2009

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Professor Alexandra Bayliss

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