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The Development of High Tech Industries: An International Survey



Breheny MJ & McQuaid R (eds.) (2018) The Development of High Tech Industries: An International Survey. Oxford: Routledge.

This is a reprint of our 1987 book. Considerable years have gone by since the first publication of The Development of High Technology Industry: An International Survey. Much has changed in the intervening years, but many of the issues it dealt with remain relevant to today. The specific industries and occupations making up ‘high-tech’ industries have expanded, and many high tech industries, technologies and occupations have changed radically. In the 1980s, most attention was on the information communication technology and biotech industries, and the developing software industry in terms of high tech products. Occupations such as web developers and artificial intelligent specialists were then virtually unknown. Meanwhile, the auto industry was then a major user of high-tech and advanced materials in their production processes, while now high tech products, including driverless and electric powered cars, are also seen as being at the forefront of the future that industry. Indeed ‘high-tech’ products and processes, together with new organizational forms and paradigms, have since permeated into many, or most, industries.

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EditorProfessor Ronald McQuaid
Publication date27/03/2018
Place of publicationOxford

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Professor Ronald McQuaid

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